Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Robsten Video - feel your magic touch, it's unbelievable

Sexy Video from Robstenville... We can't watch it here so please watch on youtube :)

Here's the quotes :

0:01 : Interviewer : is it weird to do sexual scenes with such a close friend? is that a bit odd?
Rob : "No, we do it all the time" xD
0:07 : "We had to do like the sexiest sex scene ever"
0:10 : "So you couldn't thrust (during the sex scene in BD, he wasn't supposed to thrust hard cuz it's PG13) you literally only was like just the tip or whatever"
0:36 : "We totally have sex, finally!"
1:28 : Possessive Rob talks about how he tried to cover Kristen because she didn't have any clothes on and he didn't want others to see her naked "I tried to tense as much as possible, "I'm just trying to cover Kristen"
1:31 : Ït's not just human sex..." Rob looks at Josh and raises his eyebrows for "some reason" xD lol
1:39 : Kristen says what she's most looking forward to in BD "I can't wait to actually get pregnant"
1:51 : Eclipse commentary, Rob comments on the scene when Victoria bites Riley in the beginning, by saying to Kristen "You do a different thing when you get bitten by a vampire (referring to Twilight)...and it's a lot sexier" Kristen keeps telling him to shut up ^.^
2:01 : Twilight commentary, Rob comments on the scene while the credits where rolling, the scene where Kristen drags him into bed and there's a little bit of her butt showing, he says "Was that your butt? was that your ROBUST butt?" the famous phrase we Robsten shippers use today
2:32 : "It was total granty panties by the way, like full wrap around" (about the G-string they gave them while filming the sex scene) Rob says "They gave me big ones, but they were too small for me" Kristen shakes her head while laughing, "They were like old ham" Rob adds, Kristen says "oh my god" and shakes her head.
2:42 : "To be honest, I could not do any of my off camera for Rob, I could not just sit there and go like 'Oh yeah'
2:53 : "Kristen was over the top, it was too much (about the 'noises' in the sex scene) "And her wig was falling off"
2:58 : "The majesty of sex, what am I talking about?!"
3:30 : Josh: "Talking about sex and thrusting, it's disgusting!"
Rob : "Yeah, it is kind of disgusting"
3:33 : Jimmy asks her about the 'love-making' sene "I don't ike those words"
Jimmy : "Okay then...the sex humping scene" Kristen humps on chair and says "Yeah" xD
3:40 : "He's the thruster, it's obviously not me" responds to Rob's 'thrusting limits'
3:44 : "You know what's going on if you go like.."*lifts her hands up, referring to oud sex noises*
3:48 : "It's not even funny" Kristen teases him with "no, it's so funny!" he just tells her to shut up ^.^

The theme is obviously BD's sex scene, Robsten touches and teasing.

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