Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kristen 's Balenciaga Florabotanica Bottles

Release in October... Can't wait ;)
Balenciaga Florabotanica - Eau de Parfum Vapo.100ml

Type:  Perfume
 Packaging:  Spray
 Contents:  100 ML
 Creation date:  2012

 Balenciaga Florabotanica - Eau de Parfum Vapo.50ml

Type:  Perfume 
 Packaging:  Spray 
 Contents:  50 ML 
 Creation date:  2012 

Balenciaga Florabotanica - Eau de Parfum Vapo.30ml

Type:  Perfume 
 Packaging:  Spray 
 Contents:  30 ML 
 Creation date:  2012 

Balenciaga Florabotanica - Body Lotion 200ml
Type:  Perfumed 
 Packaging:  Tube 
 Contents:  200 ML 
 Creation date:  2012 

Florabotanica Balenciaga - Shower Gel 200ml

Type:  Shower Gel 
 Packaging:  Tube 
 Contents:  200 ML 
 Creation date:  2012 

Details HERE

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New Pics of RobSten Driving in LA - July 20 2012

Oh man... It's not just  Rob It's RobSten!!!

GOD bless you

Pics of RobSten in Loz Feliz - July 19 2012 and July 28 2012

Stay strong guys because RobSten is unbroken...

July 19th

Oh man... I've just messed up with the date sorry guys... 
July 28th
This is where Kristen had a yoga class.. Oh hi Ruth :)

You saw black car there?

Moving trucks outside the home in Los Angeles that Robert Pattinson shared with girlfriend Kristen Stewart early Saturday morning.The restaurant in Los Feliz where the couple would go for breakfast and the local Coffee Bean where Kristen picked up her "Latte to go".Kristen's black Mini Cooper S, being parked to be collected some time and the gym that Kristen went for Yoga classes.

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RobSten Won Best Actor and Best Actress Awards with Bravo Magazine (Germany)

Kristen won the gold Bravo to the Best Actress of the Year , and Robert Pattinson for Best Actor of the year ! Congrats. Both received the award on July 12, 2012 in Los Angeles (the same day as Comic-Con). The Bravo Award is an award winning German selected by readers of the magazine Bravo. "I remember well the award, and I remember receiving for the first time " , says the actor happily 26 years. "It was in Munich and many of our fans were there." It's a shame that all these fans also can not be here today, when I give Rob his second award Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills ($ 450 per night). Immediately I realize: no fakes his happiness is real. Rob is all smiles and holding the little golden prize to his chest. "If you win a prize that has been provided by fans, that's the best of everything," he says happily.

Then he realizes that a second Gold Award in the table. "Who got this one?" he asks with curiosity. Rob does not know his girlfriend and costar also left behind all the competition and was voted Best Actress of the year ... When he realizes that he lies recorded the phrase 'Gold Award Winner Kristen Stewart' is left completely speechless. "Wow, Kristen also won? That's really cool! lot will be glad of it!"

New Cosmopolis Clip - Smell of Sex

GOD bless you

New Cosmopolis BTS Pics

Hope I see that smile again soon :)

More Pics Under The Cut

OTR confirmed Premiere in London Kristen Would Not Attend

On The Road premiere in London on August 16th... But Kristen is not attend 

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Kristen Stewart Video - Domino

If we're not support her, who will be?
Keep support her... And Don't believe those rumors, okay?
Thanks Martacullenblack2 for the video

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Robsten Video - Don't Give Up

Thanks IM1LuckyWoman for the video :)  I feel so much better now... Support RobSten !!

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Alex Pettyfer Going to 'Cali' with Kristen Stewart

Hot off his starring turn in "Magic Mike," Alex Pettyfer is in final negotiations to play Kristen Stewart's love interest in Nick Cassavetes' gritty action pic "Cali."
Voltage Prods. and New School Media are producing the Michael Diliberti-scripted pic, which follows a pair of San Fernando Valley lovebirds (Stewart and Pettyfer) who sell a fake snuff film and ride off with a bundle of cash. Years later, Stewart's character must "return from the dead" to save the younger sister she left behind.

Craig J. Flores ("300") and Zev Foreman ("Killer Joe") will produce for Voltage, while Diliberti will also produce. His manager, Brian Levy of New School Media, will exec produce with Voltage co-owner Nicolas Chartier and Stewart, who will pick up her first producing credit on the project. Production is skedded to start later this summer.

Pettyfer, who previously starred in "I Am Number Four," "Beastly" and "In Time," is set to play a supporting role in Lee Daniels' "The Butler." He's repped by WME and attorney Steve Warren.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

RobSten Video - don't ever look back

Believe in RobSten guys... :)

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BEL AMI UK Blu-Ray/DVD Pre-Order

Today is the official launch of the DVD / BluRay of Bel Ami in the UK. And  HMV  is selling an exclusive DVD and Blu-ray Bel Ami containing pictures of Rob at the Berlin Film Festival, talking about the film at the press conference as well as on the red carpet, which contain no other discs in the UK.

It can be purchased HERE

Or get the regular DVD or BluRay version of @AmazonUK 

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Robert's THE ROVER Gets a Greenligths

SYDNEY - Screen Australia to provide funding for an Australian film project previously announced, The Rover , the writer-director of Animal Kindom David Michod. The star of Twilight and Guy Pearce are in the project.

Located in the desert of Australia, the futurist Western tells the story of Eric, who has left everything to each and every semblance of human kindness behind it, while being forced to join a member of a "bad bunch", King, to peseguir King's gang, after they stole the last of the possessions of Eric. 

The Rover is produced by Porchlight Films in association with Los Angeles-based films Lava Bear, Liz Watts, David Linde and Michod producing. Film Nation will handle international sales and Roadshow Films will distribute Australian. The Rover is one of the 4 elements of TV dramas for adults and 4 sets of children to receive $ 20 million of the financing of the production of the agency Screen Australia, causing more than $ 100 million in production here. Ruth Harley CEO of Screen Australia said: "These four stories Australian highly attractive and diverse have much potential. The Rover is a powerful script well prepared for a talented team with a cast impressive. High expectations in the process (or creation) of Anna Broinowski is a distinctive and ambicios movie with a story fun and entertaining. Felony has great potential internationally, and Healing promises that will screen a highly emotional story.

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New Bella's Poster on Breaking Dawn part 2 + Edward and Bella

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Kristen Leaving the Gym - July 21th 2012

More pics under the cut

Rob & Kristen to Co-Present at MTV VMAs?

Although MTV has yet to confirm this claim, People magazine reports that Rob and Kristen were scheduled to present together at the MTV VMAs.

They are scheduled as co-presenters at MTV’s Video Music Awards on Sept. 9, followed by their massive promotional tour for the final film in the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, due out Nov. 16.
I don't know it's true or not because MTV VMA is August 6th not August 9th... We will see

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Kristen Getting to the Gym in LA - July 19 2012

 Keep it cool Kristen :)

 More pics under the cut

New York COSMOPOLIS Premier on August 13th 2012

Please keep in mind that so far, Rob has only been confirmed to attend the NYT Cosmopolis Q&A on August 15th. eOne does not know any more information pertaining to the actual premiere.

Hey Moviefone fans! RT this if u live in NYC & want a chance to win tickets to #CosmopolisUS premiere on 8/13. We’ll pick a random winner! — moviefone (@moviefone) July 27, 2012

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New Kristen's Pics Getting and Leaving the Gym - July 18 2012

I think it's for her role in Cali... She is with Nick Cassavetes, the director...
I hope she was okay right now :)
More pics under the cut

Friday, July 27, 2012

Announcement - RobSten is Unbroken

Thanks TheSummerRain2012 
Okay, I don't what to say right now... But I have to say something
All this rumors... I'm still dunno it is true or not...
But I don't believe it... Ever
Because sometimes what we see is different from truth behind it...
Something is not right in here

I feel confuse not because of them
But because of these stupid rumors
Make us break apart...
It's weird 
Really weird....

At the first day 
We believe that that photo is fake 
and the rumor is fake too
And suddenly at another day 
Kristen's fans judging her...
Robert's fans judging her..
Even twitter is judging her
So weird humans are...
I wanna punch them one by one
The're not fans...

I want this OVER!! No more stupid rumor
I hate this 
Because it breaks my heart..

That's what I believe
Because all these 4 years 
We've seen a lot RobSten moments together

Never ever... our trust in RobSten destroyed by this stupid stupid rumors... Ever!!

I'll still support RobSten
I'll still update news about them

You can't judge her or anybody...

Hate what they did not who did it

We need to stand together...
Because we aren't just fans
We are family

Support Rob and Kristen

Liberty Ross (wife of Rupert Sanders) just confirmed that it is her in that picture.
Radio interview on B105 (105.3 Brisbane).

Liberty: "Oh well if that's true then I need to see what Mr.Pattinson is up to (laughs). No, no, no, that is me in the picture. It is a sad part of being in this industry, we try to live our lives and the media feeds off our failures."

Thanks  KStewRPattzxx

Look at 1:28 :) @Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Snow White and The Huntsman DVD Extended Edition Details + Release Date

Click the pic to see the video 

With their incredible costumes, the plot twisted fairy tale, Snow White and Hunter won over audiences when it premiered in theaters in June. Now the dark adventure, starring Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen and Kristen Stewart Twilight favorite as Snow White, is scheduled for released on DVD and Blu-ray with an extended version and features behind the scenes on 11 September.
In the exclusive clip of the launch then the cast (including Theron, Chris Hemsworth, and Sam Claflin) discuss the vision of director Rupert Sanders for the film and show some of the original sketches for the concept.


HDRoom The Snow White and the Huntsman  will get an additional four minutes of footage when the extended edition hits Blu-ray and DVD on the now confirmed release date of September 11, 2012.

Both the 2 hour, 8 minute theatrical cut and 2 hour, 12 minute extended cut will be available on the Snow White and the Huntsman Blu-ray and DVD combo pack. The high-def film will be presented in 1080p video and 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio. A digital copy and UltraViolet will also be included.grossed $56.2 million at the domestic box office in early June. It went on to cross $150 million in North America, and a very healthy $381 million worldwide. A sequel is already in the early stages of development.

Pre-Order HERE

Bonus features attached to Snow White and the Huntsman on Blu-ray include:

  • A New Legend Is Born
  • Feature Commentary with director Rupert Sanders, visual effects supervisor Cedric Nicolas-Troyan and co-editor Neil Smith
  • Reinventing the Fairy Tale
  • Citizens of the Kingdom
  • The Magic Of “Snow White and the Huntsman”
  • Around the Kingdom: 360 degree Set TourUniversal’s Second Screen: An innovative viewing experience that allows viewers to control, interact with and explore Snow White and the Huntsman with groundbreaking features on a networked tablet or computer, in synch with the movie on the television screen! As the movie plays, experience features such as:
  • Flick View: Move content from the tablet to the TV screen, and compare storyboards, animatics, and other exciting bonus material with a “flick” of the fingers.
  • Behind the Scenes (Picture in Picture)
  • Around the Kingdom: 360 degree Set Tour
  • Virtual Flip books
  • Cast of Characters
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Peter Facinelli (Carlisle) Talks about First Meeting with Rob

Bwahahahah :D Thank GOD Rob removed his wig...

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Monday, July 23, 2012

Vote RobSten for Teen Choice Awards 2012 - Best Couple

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Fashion of The Day - RobSten

Kristen wore blue-and-silver printed single button blazer with black contrast lapels and a pair of side panel leather skinny pants from the
Resort 2013 collection by Roberto Cavalli and double-scoop, off-white Fluxus


Rob wore a black zipped up jacket from the Spring 2013 collection by KOMAKINO jacket, Marc Jacobs floral printed cotton and silk-blend short sleeve shirt, slim jeans and a matching pair of leather Converse sneakers.


GOD bless you