Saturday, May 12, 2012

New Cosmopolis Still

With GouchyBoy who plays Kosmo Thomas.

Source Cosmopolis ItaliaFB @ItsNikkiMouse via RPLife

Thanks to Anon...Here the excerpt from the book about this scene.

"He wept for Fez and everyone else and for himself of course, yielding completely to enormous body sobs. Others were weeping nearby. There was a wave of breastbeating and flailing. Then Kozmo wrapped an arm around him and drew him in. It did not seem strange that this was happening. When people die, you weep. The greater the figure, the more widespread the lamentation. People pulled their hair, wailing the dead man's name. Eric slowly grew still. In the leather and flesh of of Kozmo's enveloping bulk, he felt the beginnings of thoughtful acceptance." (p. 139)
GOD bless you

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