Monday, May 21, 2012

Snow white and the Huntsman 5 Minutes Clip - SPOLER ALERT!

SPOILER!!SPOILER!! First 5 Minutes of Snow White and The Huntsman...No SnowStew here but there's Ravenna :)

Once upon a time, in a cold winter, the snow fell in heavy flakes. While a Queen saw a rose that was still flowering despite the cold. She touched and pricked her finger and three drops of his blood fell in the snow ... And while the blood was so visible in the snow, she began to think: "Can I have a child as white as snow ... her lips as red as blood and hair as black as the wings of birds ... and with the power of this rose. "Shortly after, the daughter of the Queen was born and was named Snow White. Throughout the Kingdom, people praised his honesty and beauty. Snow White: We found in the forest. Mom, he was wounded. Queen: Oh, it broke the wings. Do not be afraid. Soon he will be back on his feet. Snow White: I'll look into it though. Queen: You were born with a precious treasure here. Do not lose it. You'll need it when thou mayest reign. Snow White: Be careful not to fall! William: I just picked an apple! Here, for you! Snow White: Thank you! Williaaaam! Williaaaam! The winter cold was feared that the men. And Snow White's mother died ... The King was inconsolable grief ... It brought a terrible dark secret army within the kingdom and led them to battle. Soldier: What should we do with this fight? King: Let them go to the Devil! No prisoners! The Dark Army was defeated. But what was left, was much worse ... Soldier: My Lord ... I need someone here ... Soldier: A prisoner. King: Do not be afraid. You have nothing to fear from my men and myself. What is your name, Miss? Ravenna: Ravenna, my Lord. The King was so fascinated by her beauty that made ​​the first departure from his broken heart. A few days later she became his wife.
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