Friday, September 28, 2012

DVD "ROBSESSED" The Biography of Robert Avalaible at Amazon (Italy)

Interviews from the DVD

The film "Robsessed," a special E! TV, focuses on the life of Robert Pattinson until the age of 23 years. The film highlights the rise to fame after the career of Pattinson model strange. A new level of obsession has been reached when it comes to the Twilight hunk and living incarnation of Edward Cullen, who, according to the film, is "messy hair . ' "Robsessed" brings together an eclectic group of people outside the insightful comment on rumors of interviews for magazines and Wikipedia. Leaving misinformation abound. Whether you are full of love for Robert Pattinson, this movie is not for you. In theory sounds great, but he will probably tell you everything you already know. The film plays like a PowerPoint impressive as flashing several pictures of Pattinson in through the opinions of the British tabloid, the writer of his biography, and his first teacher action. Apparently, the teacher is the closest you can get without Pattinson and other Twilighters. still The film takes to the streets and talk to the residents of the town where locals Pattinson said he seemed to be a good boy. Best part of the film is the use of the color magenta absurd. It is used as a transition between pictures, a backdrop for the black and white clippings Pattinson and other celebrities like Daniel Radcliffe, Reese Witherspoon and Kristen Stewart, as well as the color of choice for all titles. " Robsessed "is as charming as the man himself just because of the British accents. The wonderful viewers, Americans had done it, would have been so delicious and nourishing for the mind as a Twinkie or even the man of the moment? The coils of the mind and so does this movie.

If you are Rob-this curious and ready to become "Robsessed" in an hour, this gem of the film is for you, while you are ready for the highlights of magenta and "steaming" features Pattinson in black and white with no real clip of him speaking. This movie is Pattinson to watch through a window with binoculars. Vai te provoke and insult like no other, but Pattinson can. Watching this movie and put the "obsessed" back to "Robsessed." Same already available at Amazon Italy CLICK HERE to purchase or obtain product information.

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