Saturday, September 8, 2012

Five Reasons Kristen Stewart Nailed it on The Red Carpet

1. The dress: This little number by Zuhair Murad was the perfect pick for Stewart. The sheer sleeves and skirt give her nothing to hide behind, which was exactly what she needed for this red carpet appearance. It says that she’s not scared to be laid bare, that she’s ready to stand up to her detractors and face them head on. You go, KStew!

2. The hair: Stewart’s hair was pulled up and away from her face, and it looks like she used hair extensions to pump up the volume and add a little length. With her head held high and her face on display, Stewart looked flawless.

3. The makeup: The 22-year-old often favors dark eyeliner on the red carpet, but last night she sported a lighter look. While I am a fan of black eyeliner, I like that she relied on her natural beauty for the outing at Toronto. It shows that she’s comfortable in her skin.

4. The heels: With her short dress and these sky-high black heels, Stewart’s legs looked a million miles long. She wasn’t ashamed to stand up straight and pose with confidence.

5. The smile: This was the best part of the look. Stewart could have easily been miserable all night long. I’m sure she’s very proud of On The Road, but that doesn’t negate the fact that she was probably dreading having to face the media. And yet, she smiled all the way down the red carpet. She appeared gracious, amiable and unwilling to let any bullies get her down. Keep smiling, girl. It looks great on you.
Overall, Stewart appears to have taken the scandal in stride and used it as a chance to reinvent herself. That‘s what I call a makeover. She’s not sweet and pure like Bella Swan, but she shouldn’t have to be. If this is a taste of her future style, then consider me a fan.

GOD bless you

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