Sunday, September 9, 2012

Guri Weinberg (Stefan) Talks RobSten and Breaking Dawn

Q: There are many ways to kill vampires ... What is your favorite?

G: I think ... cut off their heads. Twilight Vampires do not die if exposed to the sun ... shine! (Scans the word, ironic.) And I saw Rob shine. EVERY DAY.

Q: What was the funniest scene you recorded ... if you can talk about it?

G: It's difficult because I have to be very careful not to reveal too much ... But I can tell you this is the scene in which the Romanian coven of vampires unite with the Cullens. It was a very tense scene with the wolves, and participate Carlisle, Bella, Edward and some of the Denali clan ... There is some panic, a lot of tension ... I can not say more.
Q: If you could choose a character from a book to read, what would be your choice?

G: Edward. But actually Bella. (Throws a smile.) Seriously, Richard III, because it is a very fierce, but also complex. So it would be very fun to play.

Q: It is difficult to integrate into a deal already in place?

G: . I thought so too, but in fact I immediately made ​​friends with Peter, and we laugh, we joke .. We went out to smoke a cigarette together, and also met Kris, Rob and others. The werewolves were actually a little $% ^% &% ^. You can tell, right? (Laughs, clearly joking)

Q: We know that Mackenzie Foy was a bottle by bad words (in a jar that threw money every time someone says a bad word). In an interview, said it won a lot, but did not say who was the most foul-mouthed. We can say?

G: Who got more money, is what I'm talking more. (Laughs). What saved me was that it was my idea, so I was never charged ... or would have been the largest contributor! Mackenzie then gave the money to charity ... He had only a jar, but I had been there, and tried to curse only when it was not there ... But it was worse than a ninja! I knew exactly who had cursed ... (he speaks with admiration)

Q: Can you give us at least a little hint?

G: Poor Rob. (General laughter)

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