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Kristen and Jenifer Lawrence at SOHO - September 9 2012

Later on in the evening, two young blockbuster franchise starlets, Kristen Stewart of Twilight and Jennifer Lawrence of The Hunger Games, took over a corner on the third floor of the members’ club. A relaxed Lawrence had her shoes off and held them in her hand, dangling her legs over the arm of her chair. They left at the same time, without Stewart’s publicist, and I’d like to imagine that they went back to their hotel, changed into their jammies, ordered up some greasy food, watched videos and shared playlists while dreaming up a screenplay together.

One more detail for the Hunger Games geeks out there – Lawrence gave co-star Woody Harrelson a huge hug when he arrived. The two will soon be working together again on the sequel Catching Fire.
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Showbiz411    Kids, I was there for the summit on Saturday night at Soho House in Toronto, where everything has been happening after the movies are finished screening. There on the third floor, in a quiet corner I sat with Jennifer Lawrence, star of “The Hunger Games,” and Kristen Stewart, of “Twilight” fame. And no I didn’t ask Kristen about her famous affair and break up. It’s no appropriate conversation. We discussed Jack Kerouac because she’s still promoting “On the Road.” and her great turn in “The Runaways” as Joan Jett.

I think Stewart dug the fact that I didn’t recognize her at first in the dimly lit room because she was wearing those big chunky eyeglasses all the kids sport now even if they have perfect vision.
Lawrence had just come from the premiere of “Silver Linings Playbook,” the grand slam homerun of a film that should propel her (and everyone else involved) right into the Oscar inner circle this winter.
These are young, young women (22) with the world at their feet. Stewart told me she didn’t know what her next project was going to be. Lawrence told us she starts shooting the second “Hunger Games” movie on Tuesday.
“Tuesday? This Tuesday?” Stewart screamed. “Have you rehearsed?”
said Lawrence, “we’re all done and ready to go.” 

The two young ladies had not met in person before, but on the internet. “The internet brought us together,” said Lawrence. “There was a fake story in one of the tabloids about a feud or something. We didn’t even know each other so we started talking by email.” 

People   Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence hung out during the Toronto Film Festival on Saturday, where the actresses were at the Hotel Intercontinental promoting On the Road and Silver Linings Playbook, respectively.

"After being introduced, Kristen and Jennifer were soon chatting like old pals," a source tells PEOPLE.

"They were so excited to meet each other," the source says. The duo was joined by Bradley Cooper, Lawrence's costar in Silver Linings Playbook.

Lawrence even invited Stewart to a party for Silver Linings Playbook at the Soho House later that evening.

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