Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kristen Stewart and Nicolas Ghesquière, the intrepid

MadameLefigaro    Between star actress and fashion designer prodigy, it was obvious. These two grow complicity based on agreements of head, heart and base ... No wonder the artistic director of Balenciaga has chosen to embody the beautiful image Florabotanica, the new fragrance house. Confidence artists.

meeting Kristen Stewart is before the "scandal" that has fueled the tabloids international all summer. A Private Affair - adultery revealed by paparazzi: the young woman had had an affair with director Rupert Sanders, married and father - turned to the United States in case of State. The "guilty" had to make a public apology to her boyfriend, the idol Robert Pattinson, "humiliated" by his millions of fans. Tarnished, low morale and Hollywood makes him head ... strange reverse of fate for K-Stew, subject to the ruthless mob while she had managed the feat of tightly lock the intimate sphere.

It is ridiculous to say Puritanism prevailing in the United States, where, in 2012, the fad of a girl of 22 years old can still be built in capital sin and lead to excommunication worthy of the Scarlet Letter. The earth nevertheless continue to turn, Hollywood will miss something else and probably be back with Stewart before long. For all smiles this talented actress, pleasing to the morgue and charisma stressed last June, she took the head of Forbes ranking of the ten highest paid American actresses (27 million euros for the year).

There is something terribly animal at this beautiful girl with green eyes and a deep voice, to whom the world belongs. His appearance was not lost to Nicolas Ghesquière, the very sharp artistic director of Balenciaga, who did not like him to identify atypical or rebels (Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jennifer Connelly) and chose Stewart as his muse new women's fragrance, Florabotanica, a baptismal name that refers to the botanical gardens of the eighteenth century in which plant species the rarest and most exotic living together.

GOD bless you

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