Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kristen's New Film Project: Back Roads

Company Hyde Park International  
Cast Kristen Stewart, Chloe Moretz  
Director(s): Adrian Lyne  
Writer(s): Tawni O'Dell, Adrian Lyne  
Producer(s):Michael Ohoven, Dan Spilo  
Production Status: Pre-Production  
Completion Year: 2013

Twenty-year-old Harley Altmyer has to care for his three sisters after his mother is convicted for killing his abusive father. Harley lusts after Callie, the married mother of two who lives down the road and starts an ill-fated sexual relationship - until he becomes the lead suspect in the town’s recent murder-mystery.  
Other Comments  
Based on the multi-million New York Times Bestseller “Back Roads” by Tawni O’Dell (an Oprah Book Club Selection).


  1. Any ideas what part Kristen will play or who will be the lead? If she's the single mother, (she'd have to have very young children!) that could be an interesting role for her to play.

    Love the site!

    xx Sue

  2. This is still rumor... But if this is her new project.. I think she will play as a single mother