Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Sighting of Rob, Tom and Marlowe - September 1 2012

Full report:

                                                            But only saw him get into a car.
At least now we know who is in London.
I saw him leave the M [Marlowe] and go to the concert, I suppose :)))
No tickets for the concert xx
So I can not go!
Slim. With beard. Very cute. Dressed informally. I know there are people who want it in LA but for now he is here, I do not know for how long.
I'm sure he went to the show today.

[Tom] Marlowe took her daughter in her arms and put her in the car. R [Robert] was NOT the girl in colo.Tom held the baby's little head people> 3

* This is the same girl  who got  pictures of R and K in the baptism of the Tom's sister's son, where Rob was the best man .  So we wait for photos according to what she said  *

"I'm sure I passed by security guards Robert Pattinson"

Only the girl speaks in his last tweets that will catch a plane to go to Edinburgh. And we only give Edinburgh flights (9:45) and Los Angeles (9:40) embarked on the airport gate London. So it is more likely to be true this sighting and Rob is on track to LA right now or go to Edinburgh too..

GOD bless you

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