Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sighting of Rob and Kristen at SOHO - September 8 and 9 2012

Different place and time but have the same name

Rob (SOHO LA) - September 8 2012
TV personality @BrittGastineau 
Just talked to Rob Pattinson…I’m good xo

Her mother @lisagastineau
I have my first cougar crush-I got to speak and bat my lashes to Rob Patterson tonite at Soho house-he was Dreeeeeeaammy

At LA Soho House with great friend for fab dinner. Hello Robert Pattinson. You are a cutie.

Kristen (SOHO Canada)-September 9 2012

No rivalry here- Kirsten Stewart parties with Jennifer Lawrence at #tiff2012

FYI Kristen Stewart is partying it up at Soho House tonight. #TIFF12

Soho House, I cannot deal: Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, etc etc. FREEZE TIME. #TIFF12

Emily Blunt + boo, and Joseph Gordon Levitt now at Soho House. Kristen Stewart holed away on mysterious third floor. #TIFF12

Via  Via

Jason Reitman and Aaron Paul here too. Kristen Stewart tucked away as well.

Kristen Stewart just ran into Soho House #TIFF12

Hunger Games! Twilight! Kristen Stewart joins Jennifer Lawrence at Soho House in Toronto. #tiff12

Apparently Kristen Stewart is at Soho House, where the Silver Linings Playbook after party is at. :o

Emily blunt is the sweetest here...and her beau the coolest.... Kstew is here too...but on the upper floor @SohoHouse #TIFF12

Sweet TIFF parties... just spotted Kristen Stewart with Jennifer Lawrence, earlier HelloCanada, later it's CinemaPresents

Kristen Stewart gorgeous. Jennifer Lawrence too. Wow wow. #TIFF12

Sitting In Soho House right now in jeans & t-shirt #tiff12 @LDNfashion Kristen Stewart on British Vogue October 2012

Another @GreyGoose legendary night 2 rival '11 Clooney/Hamm meet up - Kristen Stewart + Jennifer Lawrence leave @SohoHouse together! #TIFF12


GOD bless you

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