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Scan: Kristen and Nicholas Interview with Le Madame Figaro + Transalation

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"We should not be ashamed of what is"

Hence the concept of a garden heady turn poisonous or delighted, in which the princess Kristen would be lost. Interview with two voices.

  Madame Figaro. - Do you remember your first meeting?

Kristen Stewart. - I remember like it was yesterday: it was on a photo shoot for a magazine with Bruce Weber, I was little, I had to have 14 or 15 years. I used some photo sessions, that does not mean that I was in my element. This is the first time I met the gaze of Nicolas and I identified a clear brand Balenciaga. I had the intuition that we would meet again. At that time, I knew nothing about fashion: at least, people are able to quote Chanel, me, no, nothing. I was quite intimidated, I was neither a model nor a famous actress, and I was there in the middle of a fashion moment. He ruled over the plateau energy so contagious that I was entering an energy comparable to that makes me love the film.

Everything evolves, life takes care of you moving

Now that I know better this world, I assure you that we can easily tell the difference between those who create because they are driven by an inner necessity, and other followers.

Nicolas belongs to the first category, it is extraordinarily invested. It is obvious: there has to be seen as his face lights up when he looks at a garment. Light emanates from him. 

Nicolas Ghesquière. - The best is when the clothes are embodied. When Kristen wearing one of my creations, I can see that she takes possession and then everything makes sense. When I first saw it, I knew instantly that she and I would share something. It was unclear, but I was sure of it. I was dying to see her again and I started to send signals: can we wear? Would she see the current collection? This was the beginning of our dialogue. 

 You seem to be free spirits, each in your respective fields ... 

Kristen Stewart. - We must take. If we really want to do, do not be ashamed of what we are, we must take his choice. Say, when I did that, I was so, today I am different. It is useless to look in the mirror, go ahead. We criticize my work? For me to do something positive and move on. I always had confidence in me, that does not mean I sleep on my laurels or I'm not mistaken. Everything evolves and life support to make you move. 

Nicolas Ghesquière. - Otherwise, we stood still and atrophies. 

Kristen Stewart. - I hate this stagnant. We need to create, go to novelty. Even when we do not like. Nicolas, how-resistance in the world of fashion? That it requires the will, stamina?

 Nicolas Ghesquière. - We are driven by a desire, but do not know where this comes from power of desire. After that, we work hard to make a difference, and the expectation vis-à-vis itself is great. Freedom of expression is the price of this constant questioning. 

Kristen Stewart. - Absolutely, he must constantly question but do not be afraid of not lower our guard, to surrender. 

Nicolas Ghesquière. - In fashion, everything is excessive: love it or hate it, but there is no half-measure, never lukewarm ...

"These businesses that cannibalize our lives"

Do you have a dangerous job ... for nerves?

Nicolas Ghesquière. - There are obviously more dangerous, but the risk is very permeable border between what we are and what we do.

Kristen Stewart. - Same film. This is not normal if these trades that cannibalize our lives. For me, it never stops. As soon as I tell a story, I think, is that it would make a good movie? Everything merges and life constantly brings me to the movies. Be an actress, is trying to understand. This is what I try to do every day. So when a journalist asked me: "Does it hurt? Does that count? "I say," Yes, but it's so good! " 

 Is it easy to be yourself, if subjected to high pressure?

Kristen Stewart. - Yes, if one poses challenges to maintain a line of conduct. 
 Nicolas Ghesquière. - Kristen and I started early, and when you start early, it hardens faster: we must fight harder to convince and to hear his point of view. 

 Kristen, you are now a fashion creature? 

Kristen Stewart. - I've never had any problems with what I was wearing, even when it was rough and we noticed. What I have seen since, however, it is a garment, even if you do not change, can make you understand things about yourself or you discover new territories. A garment is like a movie: an open door on a horizon. This is why fashion is fascinating and I appreciate it. 

Between us there is a relationship and I want to continue this conversation there

Nicolas Ghesquière. - There is something effortless at Kristen: she appropriates held without effort. And it will naturally strong to pieces ... Kristen Stewart. - As I'm pretty casual, people think that fashion does not interest me ... But I'm exactly the opposite to the Casual! 
 Nicolas Ghesquière. - It ideally embodies modern sophistication. It was obvious at the last Cannes Film Festival, during the presentation of On the Road , Walter Salles film. 

Nicolas, would you say that Kristen is your muse?
Nicolas Ghesquière. - Much better than muse! When one door of my clothes, it validates and I am satisfied. Between us, there is a relationship and I want to continue this conversation there. Kristen Stewart. - With Nicolas, I can participate, and this is what I want: to be active. 

Kristen, the magazine Forbes gives you the first place in its ranking of the richest actresses of the year, and therefore the most powerful ...
Nicolas Ghesquière. - This is promising! (He laughs.) Choices strong legitimacy, power, sensitivity ... I am! 

 Kristen Stewart. - The power? This means more responsibility and movement as nothing in life should remain stationary. I hope to be thoughtful and responsible. I do not lead a frivolous life, but I do not see as many players, only charity galas because it is seen! I do not want to scatter, I want to be sincere and invested in everything I do ... As the ranking Forbes : bullshit! (She laughs.) 

Kristen Stewart by Nicolas Ghesquière "She is brave, really brave. She has strong artistic choices, reflecting a radical. It embodies creative freedom. And I can not speak of his charisma or beauty. It is a source of inspiration. " by Nicolas Ghesquière Kristen Stewart "It emanates from him such a quiet strength, such as invincibility and authenticity. I want to keep my eyes closed! "

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