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Masterpost : Teen Choice Awards 2012

Photos of Backstage and On Stage  :)

Congratz for the winners 
 Congratz for The Twilight Saga for 41 awards at Teen Choice Awards (the power of Twihard)

 Kristen Stewart (“Snow White and the Huntsman”)
Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner & Robert Pattinson
“Breaking Dawn – Part I”

Kristen Stewart (“Breaking Dawn – Part I”)
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More photos and article under the cut

On Stage



Article and Story
Top 5 best moment in Teen Choice Awards (Twilight Gives Back)
Robert PattinsonFue a night all about choice! The 2012 Teen Choice Awards surfboards was given by fans to actors, actresses and singers chosen. And of course, they have had some choice words and moments of his own Sunday night at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. In case you missed inter-action-fantasy, here are the highlights:

1. Twilight rewards

For once, the highly successful franchise Twilight was not only winning awards - the stars were giving away!

After Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner picked up their surfboards for his performances on screen, the vampire leader was quite generous.

"I do not know if I may I can give this to the public?" Pattinson said, before handing over your summer award to the fans in the audience. Stewart then followed suit and gave his award.

Omg I can not even see them I just go up just before the stage RK were backstage and Rob leaned over and kissed her cheek K!

When he kissed her omg died could not handle it, it was so cute and really the best part of my night <3

When I was showing clips of the film R & K were on the right side of the stage only two of them. Waiting together :)

Then they were about to go on stage Rob was with K and she shook her head and looked at him and then leaned over and were there for a moment and then she smiled a huge smile and smile too <3 It was so cute <33

It was so cute because it happened so fast and her smile was so great then and it too and it was like a perfect time <3

I also met another fan who saw him, passed and we were fangirling so we were fortunate to see him since we played that part to us backstage.

When they came on stage to hand after witnessing the most beautiful kiss, I died so much. The way the sight is so lovingly.

I think they were very very close when Rob leaned over to kiss her :)

I was on the side of the auditorium but I could see backstage from there.

I took pictures but they are not very clear since moved my phone a lot. Although I will go up :)

When R & K left the backstage of the hand and took the hand of Rob Taylor also definitely made it one of the highlights of the night :)


When Glee star Lea Michele climbed up onstage at the Teen Choice Awards and tried to get the crowd to admit that vampires are much cooler than werewolves, it's no surprise she got a lot of support. Not after Robert Pattinson showed up to collect his award, the 41st the Twilight Saga has collected at the annual awards show, and did something he wasn't even sure he was allowed to do! Pattinson was onstage with girlfriend and co-star Kristen Stewart plus co-star Taylor Lautner to accept their Ultimate Choice Award for Breaking Dawn: Part One when he decided to hand the surfboard off to the fans in the front row. It was gutsy. But even with the end nearing for the series, it's proof RPattz won't have to worry about whether people will continue showing up at his movies. "Can I give this to the audience? Because I really think … Not that I don’t appreciate it, but thank you guys so much, it has been an amazing 5 years!" he shouted to the crowd, as Stewart quickly followed suit in handing over her award to another group of lucky fans. It's standard for stars to thank the fans, but this was something bigger. Robert Pattinson doesn't just appreciate the people who got him where he is, he's willing to physically show them how much he appreciates them. It's appropriate that at the Teen Choice Awards, of all places, Pattinson chose to make a physical gesture to the fans. The Twilight books and movies have a huge adult following, but they are still directed at teens. And the teens who have grown up with the series are now getting jobs, getting more power over their discretionary income, becoming more important for the movie industry -- and stars like Pattinson, Stewart, and Lautner -- to woo. It's just as Lautner said in his own thank you before RPattz upstaged him with his grand gesture: "It's amazing you guys are still around and just as strong and just as loyal." Forget Team Edward or Team Jacob. It's Team Twilight 

GOD bless you

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