Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pics of RobSten in Loz Feliz - July 19 2012 and July 28 2012

Stay strong guys because RobSten is unbroken...

July 19th

Oh man... I've just messed up with the date sorry guys... 
July 28th
This is where Kristen had a yoga class.. Oh hi Ruth :)

You saw black car there?

Moving trucks outside the home in Los Angeles that Robert Pattinson shared with girlfriend Kristen Stewart early Saturday morning.The restaurant in Los Feliz where the couple would go for breakfast and the local Coffee Bean where Kristen picked up her "Latte to go".Kristen's black Mini Cooper S, being parked to be collected some time and the gym that Kristen went for Yoga classes.

GOD bless you

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