Saturday, July 21, 2012


The role of Kristen: Mya
Director: Nick Cassavettes
Writer: Michael Diliberti (Diliberti developed the scenario without any warranty before being acquired by Voltage, which has cast Kristen)
Produced by: Voltage Productions (Craig J. Flores, and Michael Zev Foreman Diliberti) and New Media School (Brian Levy and Nicolas Chartier) but also by Kristen (first as a producer for Kristen)
Genre: Thriller
Shooting in Los Angeles (they anticipate a start date for filming late summer)

Summary: Mya (Kristen) and Chris, a couple in love with San Fernando Valley with a penchant for bad choices and dangerous behavior. After selling a snuff film (typically pornographic and which depicts torture and murder of a person or persons) with Mya fake, they flee to the sun with a bundle of money. Years later, Mya is "back from the dead" to save the younger sister she left behind in Cali, where the young couple dealing with business partners in anger, porn stars criminal, technicians veterinary drug addicts, an invincible killing machine in a cowboy hat and their controversial relationship.

Craig J. Flores said about Kristen and her role:
"Kristen is a dynamic and talented actress, with a draw at the box office which has been proven," said Flores. "His role in 'Cali' is tight and sexy. It will undoubtedly expand the public view on the wide range of capabilities Kristen. Voltage is very happy to have him as a partner on this film fantastic."


♦ Kristen will look like a porn star, and dye their hair blonde and become tanned.

♦ The recruitment agency and casting, auditions for Cali, the next film by Kristen Stewart, in which she has the lead role and co-produced it, began.

♦ Filming should start in September.

♦ The role of Kristen in Mya should die at the end.

The director : Nick Cassavetes

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