Tuesday, July 31, 2012

RobSten Won Best Actor and Best Actress Awards with Bravo Magazine (Germany)

Kristen won the gold Bravo to the Best Actress of the Year , and Robert Pattinson for Best Actor of the year ! Congrats. Both received the award on July 12, 2012 in Los Angeles (the same day as Comic-Con). The Bravo Award is an award winning German selected by readers of the magazine Bravo. "I remember well the award, and I remember receiving for the first time " , says the actor happily 26 years. "It was in Munich and many of our fans were there." It's a shame that all these fans also can not be here today, when I give Rob his second award Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills ($ 450 per night). Immediately I realize: no fakes his happiness is real. Rob is all smiles and holding the little golden prize to his chest. "If you win a prize that has been provided by fans, that's the best of everything," he says happily.

Then he realizes that a second Gold Award in the table. "Who got this one?" he asks with curiosity. Rob does not know his girlfriend and costar also left behind all the competition and was voted Best Actress of the year ... When he realizes that he lies recorded the phrase 'Gold Award Winner Kristen Stewart' is left completely speechless. "Wow, Kristen also won? That's really cool! lot will be glad of it!"

It is in right. Only a couple of minutes later surprised Kristen with her ​​prize. And the small and usually quite timid girl gets excited. "It's heavy," he says and laughs. And then, suddenly, it gets emotional: "Please tell my German fans that I'm proud of this award. means a lot to me as if they liked how hard I work on set." And the 22 old is another surprise: "Probably we visit Germany in the autumn for the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2."

GOD bless you

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