Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kristen's Interview with MTV

SuperJosh is back with amazing interview with Kristen :)


Kristen Stewart Wanted To Maintain The 'Spirit' Of 'On The Road'
The actress talks about how relieved she was that she got to film this movie at an older age than seventeen.

Dancing In 'On The Road' Scared Kristen Stewart
"What is a love dance, I mean, that's so intimidating," the actress laughs about her jazzy dance scene in the movie.

Kristen Stewart Admits To Not Being Good At 'Losing Her Head' On Screen
K-Stew talks about how difficult it was to pull off the dance scene, because it was so "off."
Is Every Woman Attracted To Garrett Hedlund's Dean Moriarty? 
"Generally speaking, yeah, sure, girls like a guy who is cool," Kristen Stewart says about her co-star in "On the Road."

Kristen Stewart Feels Like She's In A 'Good Place To Choose' Her Next Project
"I would do anything to get that to go," the actress emphatically says about "Lie Down in Darkness."

The Ending Of 'Twilight' Will 'Throw You For A Loop'
 Kristen Stewart also shows off her broken finger.
'On The Road' Has Inspired Kristen Stewart To Drive More
 "I feel so so so so good behind the wheel," Stewart says. She is still not smoking :) *two thumbs up*
GOD bless you

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