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New/Old Kristen News and Rob's Interview with Kiss Magazine (Ireland) - December 2005 and Jan/Feb 2006

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Rob's mention and Interview - December 2005
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Kristen's news - Jan/Feb 2006


Rob's interview and mention
How did you get into acting?
I was about 16 and I was in a restaurant with my Dad when he saw a group of pretty girls and he decided to ask them where they’d been (laughs). They’d been to this drama school so my Dad was there – ‘You should join’. He pestered me so much, he even said he’d pay me to go! I don’t know what his motive was.’ (Laughs)

So how did you land the role of Cedric?
I’d got on well with the casting director from Vanity Fair – I’d a tiny part in it, which was cut (laughs). He was also casting for Harry Potter, so that helped I suppose.

Did you meet the entire cast on your first day on set?
No, we did this bonding week first. We improvised lots of sketches. I did a lot of stuff with Rupert (Ron), which was good because I was kinda agro with him, but then I found out he was really funny.

So, have you made friends from the experience?
I’m really good friends with Stan, Clemence and Katie cos we all kinda started together. I also get on really well with Dan and Emma.

You’re in a band too, aren’t you?
Yeah, we’re called Bad Girls! (Laughs).

Do you have a girlfriend at the moment?
No, not really.

What was your favourite part of filming Harry Potter?
I loved running around punching Dan. I also loved the underwater stuff.

What’s next for you?
I actually got an agent in America the other day. I want to do something really weird. I think I’m so determined to get weird parts that I overdo it in auditions. (Laughs).

Katie Leung mentions Rob

What was your favourite scene to shoot?
When Harry's looking at me form afar and I've to tease and let him think he's got a chance when he doesn't really cos I've got a boyfriend. (Laughs) Also, the dancing scenes between Robert and I were dire!

Kristen's news
KISS 20 Hottest Teens 2006
Since scaring us witless in Panic Room, Kristen Stewart, 15, has been in hot demand. Yep, the young actress, who more than held her own working with Oscar-winner Jodie Foster, will soon be appearing in the rom-com, In the Land of Women and we're a little jealous - her co-star is the gorgeous Adam Brody. Watch this pretty face, we're reckon this versatile star is destined for big things.

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