Sunday, September 16, 2012

Learn seven reasons to watch Cosmopolis , Robert Pattinson's new film

Premiere this Friday (7) in Brazil the new Long acclaimed director David Cronenberg, Cosmopolis . The film is based on the book by Don DeLillo, and tries to discuss the economic and political issues surrounding the contemporary world from the figure of Eric (Robert Pattinson), a millionaire who lives on financial speculation.

From an uncertain bet made by Eric in the stock market, the film shows the anxieties and contradictions of living in a world dominated by economic fascism.

In this gallery, we list seven reasons to watch the new film by Cronenberg. One is the amazing work of Robert Pattinson, who was far beyond his repertoire to create the character Eric and showed that his career is not completely tied to his role in the franchise Twilight


Another highlight of the film is neat cast of supporting actors, which meets Juliette Binoche, Paul Giamatti and Mathieu Amalric

Cosmopolis is an adaptation of the book by Don DeLillo, which tells the story of the world today from a dystopian vision. One of the most interesting elements of the film is to show a world not dominated by political parties or special rules, but illustrate a reality in which people are controlled by the movement of money

After receiving criticism confused with A Dangerous Method , Cronenberg hit his hand and managed to pull compliments the bold style of filming and courage to adapt a screenplay full of traps

The film's soundtrack is signed by the band Metric, and received compliments on the season premiere of the film at Cannes

Despite the excess verbiage and phrases, the script of Cosmopolis is one of the strengths of long

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