Saturday, September 15, 2012

On The Road and Cosmopolis will Compete in Athens International Film Festival

The emblematic beat manifesto is finally adapted for the big screen, courtesy of Walter Salles. Jack Kerouac's autobiographical novel recounts his and his friends' aimless wanderings, including poet Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady. The film remains faithful to the source material, where a writer, an ex-convict poet and his nearly underage wife break all conventions in 40s America, as they set out on a frenetic adventure full of high octane ideas, substance abuse, music, delights and all-around danger. Ph.V.

David Cronenberg's latest effort sees Robert Pattinson embodying a young millionaire who embarks on a crosstown journey through the streets of New York in a stretch limo, making random acquaintances, having hot sex with Juliette Binoche and shooting people for no reason. Adapting a Don DeLillo novel, Cronenberg ventures down the same path he did with "A Dangerous Method". The combination of capitalism and psychotherapy against the backdrop of a globalized community in revolt. Ph.V.

GOD bless you

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