Monday, October 8, 2012

LQ Scan: Rob's Interview with Star Club Magazine (French) + Translation



 Star Club: Hi Rob! What did you learn from your Twilight experience?
 RP: I learned that all is a matter of context. I learned that all this frenzy surrounding an actor is just hot air. People can love you one day and hate one the next day. For the moment, the Twilight craziness is still present. But I'm not stupid: a few months after the release of the last Twilight movie, people will turn to another franchise. The future phenomenon is already there. I'm actually thinking to the Hunger Game cast.  

Star Club: Are you eventually happy to have played Edward?
 RP: Yes, he is a part of me, like an old friend. He enabled me to become famous and I'll be forever thankful for that. But I grew up. If , in the future, Stephenie Meyer wrote another Twilight book, I'll read it with delight. But I don't think the audience would like me to play again this vampire. I'm too old to play him again. 

Star Club: What was your former life like before you were famous?
 RP: I didn't find jobs easily. It was simple, for 3 years, I barely shot any films except independent films for which I was paid 30 euros a day. To be honest , I was on the verge of giving up acting. So when they proposed me to play Edward, I couldn't believe it.

 Star Club: You couldn't see you as a vampire?
 RP: I didn't have any choice . I was completely broke. But nobody would believe in me, except Catherine Harwicke ( The director of Twilight) who had to force the producers to convince them. Eventually, this part enabled me to have a much better daily life and lifestyle. On the other side, I lost what I cherished the most : my freedom. Some say it's the price to pay to be famous. I'm sorry to contradict them but I think it's such a high price to pay.

 Star Club: So you felt relieved at the end of the shooting of Breaking Dawn , part 2?
 RP: It's weird. I felt relieved on the one end but on the other end, I was sad. For the moment, I'm successful . Will it last? I don't know. But if in the future , I failed in a movie, I won't have a fit.

 Star Club: Let's talk about the time you were a teenager. I wanted to know how you felt when it was time to go back to school.
 RP: If you were expecting some speeches about me being a teacher's pet, you're completely wrong about me. But I wasn't a dunce either. Before I turned 15 , I was a good pupil who learned his lessons and who listened quietly to the lessons. It was this way up to the moment I started reading. I think I learned a lot more reading than studying. I'm in fact very proud to have indirectly encouraged people to discover the pleasure of reading with the Twilight saga. These books urged teenagers to discover how pleasant it could be to read an interesting and thrilling love story.

 We asked him THE question If you were a Dad: would you rather have a baby boy or a baby girl?
RP: I think I'd have a better link with a baby boy. A girl is hard to decipher. The guide for a baby girl is 800 pages long and is written in Chinese. And if you can read it , you realize in the end that 32 important chapters are missing. Then you have to improvise. But with a guy, it's easier. Sports, TV, video games, a large glass of Coke and he's happy ( laughs)

GOD bless you

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