Monday, October 8, 2012

Rob in 10 People Who Would Be The New James Bond

Robert Pattinson
Although his career shot from The Twilight Saga , Robert Pattinson has made ​​a huge effort to distance himself from the vampire franchise, joining more serious projects and most challenging histrionic. Proof of this Water for Elephants and Cosmopolis , which have been warmly received by critics and the public, but have made ​​it clear that Pattinson can leave the role of Edward Cullen ago.

At the time, the actor told The Sun that "Yes, I'd definitely like to play Bond, but in about 20 years. There would be nothing worse than 'have a fresh-faced Bond'. would be the worst idea in the world. would be ridiculous reinvented as stylish kid." ? Capabilities? Uncertain Today is unthinkable to even consider Robert Pattinson as James Bond, as well as their age, Twilight is still a franchise too effective for the general public and to be honest, who would want to see a Cullen as 007? But we should not dismiss it completely, then continuing on their new path, in 20 years the actor could have developed an interesting histrionic talent coupled with his popularity that would make it a serious contender for the character. As if this were not enough we must remember that the actor is of British origin, This represents an extra point to consolidate their ambitions.

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