Saturday, October 6, 2012

Rami Malek (Benjamin) Talks People Asking About Rob and Kristen

If the video doesn't came out.. You could see it HERE
As it goes into a big franchise like Twilight? How is the thrill of being involved?

Rami:  A shock, you wonder how it will be, because so much comes with it. There are so many websites, so many fans, I asked myself: 'Is my life going to be a little strange, I'll be the same person, people will recognize me anymore?'

You have many people who come up to you and say: "You can say about Rob (Pattinson) Can you tell me about Kristen (Stewart)?"

Rami: Just my girlfriends want to know, then I tell a lot of stories for them to see what happens. See that is passed as a rumor.

Rami said he could not release spoilers of the film, about his character, jokingly saying that he dies at the end of fim.No interview he stated: "To the fans of Twilight, thank you for your support, for your support ... You people are very cool. Peace and love! "

GOD bless you

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