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Scan: New/Old Kristen's Interview with Kiss Magazine (Ireland) - April 2012



Black Swan

We caught up with K-Stew to talk Bella, brides and Breaking Dawn

On Bella’s obsession with Edward
I think the interesting thing about this installment is that you have a girl and a whole story that is very focused, very singularly focused on one thing: Edward. You can’t really say it is just Edward though, because it is also a narcissistic thing – it’s about her too. It’s not just wrapped up in him. I think that when she realises that she is going to fight for something that is more than Edward or herself, it is not about him any more, at all; in fact, they are at complete odds in this story. I played a moment in this that was so wrong-feeling to me, it so betrayed everything that I played up until this point: I hated him. I truly looked at him and it was like, “You had better steer clear and stay away from me!” She turns into a feral animal.

On Bella being a young mum
It seems like the only and natural progression. It would seem so confused to suddenly be like, “Well, let’s get an apartment together and see how it goes!” You would be like, “What?” And I also don’t think it’s so far-fetched for someone my age to be having a child. Odd how circumstances add up, but one of my best-friends in the world has just had a baby, and she is very, very, very young, and it’s a unique situation. At the same time, you are who you are and I think that those are probably instilled in you from a very early age. I know that I definitely related to the maternal aspect of things very strongly.

On doing interviews
It’s easy now, but it was hard. You are thrust in such precarious situations where it is now your job to very concisely communicate to the world, and how the hell do you talk the world? You have different dynamics with each person you speak to, and have different ways of presenting yourself. I’ve just realised that you have to talk to yourself, do you know what I mean? And I’ve also realised that you are going to say stupid things and people are going to think that you are stupid, and that’s fine basically. That’s fine.

On the end of Twilight
It’s weird that we that we are not waiting to go back and film another one, but at the same time, it feels finished. I don’t feel like we missed anything, especially because having the book be two movies gave us an opportunity to not miss the big parts, the things you cherish, the little moments. On the last day of shooting, it was very fleeting and it just went, “Boom! You are done!” And God, it’s crazy.  

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