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Scan + Translation of Kristen's Interview Tv Sorrisi e Canzoni

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-It will be hard for fans of the romantic Bella to recognize their beloved character
"Why? Marylou, too, is a romantic girl."

- Yeah, but she lives according to the 'Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll' myth
"I wasn't ashamed of anything I filmed. Marylou is the most alive character of the book, and does everything with enthusiasm. It's the story of three guys looking for freedom, which they couldn't have in the America of 1947."

- She still is very transgressive
"I don't think they wanted to rise against something. The Beat movement and the year 1968 came later. Back then, they just wanted to live hard."

- Do you feel like a rebel?
"I don't know, I have more facets. One the one hand I have very tranditional values: I'm looking for love and want a baby one day. On the other hand, I have a secret and rebel side, that I maybe took from an Australian mom who handed down to me the love for adventure and freedom. And sometimes I feel a bit offbeat. That's also what I like about Kerouc's novel, it tells you not to imitate the others because it's good to be a bit different."

- Did you read the book?
"Of course, when I was 15. The funny thing is that I would identify myself with Sam, the narrator, the one who watches the others do crazy stuff then write about it. I remember telling myself: I need to find people who spur me like that in life!"

- Have you ever gone on a road trip?
"Oh yeah, I was really young. I only remember that the car stinked in the end!"

- What did you love about Marylou?
"I listened to her daughter and people who knew her on audio tapes. It moved me. She was more free than I am, but she was generous. She was looking for experiences then shared them with others. It was a different approach to life. I'm much more introvert and I was about to refuse the part for that reason."

- Why?
"I was afraid I wouldn't be able to lose control. But then luckily I managed to do it completely."

- You're an idol for millions of teenagers, but why don't you ever talk about your personal life?
"I don't sell myself. I sell my movies and my work. Actors who think they're interesting and sell their personal life are ridiculous. And I'd like to tell something to those curious people: if you like me, it's because you feel like we're similar. Then why do you want to find out who-knows-what secrets? I swear it's not worth it. My life is not different from yours."

- Maybe you still haven't got used to the consequences of fame
"It's true, I'm still living the first time I met fans. I thought I'd shot a weird small movie and I wondered if it'd be successful. Then I saw this ocean of screaming guys...That's when I knew I had become famous."

- Talking about Twilight, we'll see you in the last instalment soon. Can you tell us something?
"Expect a huge transformation. I'm not a shy high school girl anymore, but a bloodthirsty warrior. I spent three movies watching others play the vampires, now it's my turn and I told myself: I may come last, but I want to be the best one."

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