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Transcript of Kristen's Interview with Woman Magazine

'Bella will miss'

'The interpretation is like sex: practice, but do not tell' , is the motto of Kristen Stewart. She told us anyway, how difficult it is for her to say goodbye after four years to say goodbye to Bella Swan. The daughter of a television producer and a writer was already at home on the sets and was discovered eight years during a performance at school. She got her first major role in the thriller Panic Room alongside Jodie Foster, then came in 2008 with the international outbreak vampire saga. Currently, 22 years young ram promotes perfume Florabotanica. 'Kristen is a perfect creature and mysterious' , says designer Balenciaga Nicolas Ghesquière. 'Ideal for the bottle!'

Not a word about the privacy of Kristen Stewart - are strict guidelines from the team when the actress wants to get an interview or a photo shoot decent. Yep no mention of P ******* R *****! Difficult to manage, while the young Hollywood beauty will soon be on the screen with the 'unspeakable' and awaited final Saga Twilight  ! God thank you, the waves are calmed again, RP forgave his girlfriend adventure with the director of Snow White and the Huntsman . And after weeks of crisis in the media people, the girl of 22 years has resisted - we can finally talk about what makes her: indeed damn talent!

She demonstrates October 5 in a role [in Austria], which really has nothing to do with the sweet Bella Swan in the film adaptation of the manifesto of the Beat Generation Jack Kerouac, On The Road , it Marylou embodies released, which is the road through the country with a former prisoner and a young writer - of course with drugs and sex orgies! Then all the fans of Twilight can really scream again when the lovely vampire couple will fly to the end of love. We asked the new face of Balenciaga, how difficult it was for her to say goodbye ...

'We wanted wild sex'

Woman  : How do you explain the hype around the Twilight movies?

Kristen Stewart  : I'm totally obsessed with the theme itself ... when so many identify with what you like, energy ignites. Something to share with joy always gives more pleasure than the thing itself! I think this is what triggers the hype.

Much has been made ​​of the sex scenes in Breaking Dawn Part.1. What in Part 2?

The first time, it was sweet, it was not wild sex, Bella and Edward have discovered each other. In Part 2, we wanted to behave like animals, but it would have been reported: the film should have been banned at least 18 years!

Indeed On The Road is rather hot [sex scenes]. They are seen naked torso and make love to three. The nude scenes were they difficult to play?
No, On The Road was my first favorite book and Marylou was then 14 years of my icon! Director Walter Salles has left us four weeks, during which we analyzed the history, experimented, asked questions. Once we were on set, we had to leave things to chance, it was like breathing.

Is also what you would play the lead role in 50 Shades of Grey  ? The author EL James is known as a fan of Twilight , and you have it allegedly served as a model for the role of Anastasia Steele novel in BDSM.

Maybe it would be fun. But it took courage to do so. When I read the first article, I found it somewhat stupid! [Laughs] I could hardly believe it when I saw people read the book and I thought, 'Hey, you're in public! "

Back to Twilight  : in movies, there are many emotional twists for Bella. To what extent have these things she personally affected?

Much. I can not really tell the difference. These feelings, these important moments in life are built over the years, I fully acknowledge there. One can encounter every day early in the scenario and start over. I will miss Bella.

And others? How was it to separate after four years of Twilight  ?

Nothing to think about it really was a blow! I played with Taylor [audios Lautner, Jacob Wolf] scene and I did not know it would be our last scene together. When he said: 'That's it, buddy!' , I cried. I've often said post: please, please, let this scene go down the drain, we will return later ...

Can you still remember the first impression of your partners?

[Laughs] I loved Rob's pants. Seriously, madness indeed. Taylor was a child, when I met him, and after New Moon , he was a man in the real sense of the term. It was certainly after that on these two.

At the end, with what are you going to surprise fans who already know the book?

I hope this does not sound like arrogant, but we left overwhelmed by a number of really cool things. It was clear that the people expect the end to big feelings. All I can say is that I saw it four times and I cried every time!

Have you ever feared that because of Bella enfermiez and you do not get other roles?

No, it's the greatest compliment, especially when fans of the book do. Please lock me up! This effectively means that I succeeded. When Twilight fan find it weird to see me in another role, then this is the greatest praise in my work. If it was different, I'd be worried! The next time I have to convince again. I love the challenge. And with Bella, I can now choose what role I take.

GOD bless you

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